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Women  Hairstyling Fullness at Root Technique Bridal Services 
Hair Cut Only$35 Blow-Dry Style$25-$35 Updos with vailing$75
Cut, Blow Dry, Style$45 Flat Iron – Starting at$25 Trial Updos$45
Professional ConsultationComplimentary Special Event Styling$50-$60 Bride’s Maids$60
   Velcro Roller Styles$30 Flower Girls$40-$55
Hair Cut (Style & Shampoo)$22 Hair Color  Texture Services (all perms include style) 
Moustache$7 Permanent Hair Color (virgin color)$50 Perms and Body Waves$60-$65
Beard Trim$10 Retouch Application$45 Specialty WrapsQuoted by stylist
Highlights$40 Color Refreshment (ends)$20   
Gray Blending$45 Tricolor$70 Additional Services 
Full Color$45 Deposit Only Colors$45 Pravana Perfection Smooth-Out$275
Professional ConsultationComplimentary (semi-permanent)  Sulfate free shampoo, condition & style 
   Corrective ColoringQuoted by Stylist Please allow 2.5 – 3 hours for service 
Teens  Highlights  Color Glaze$30
10% off services with current school ID.  Full Head Foils starting a$70 (High-gloss finish to any service!) 
   Partial Foils (long hair extra)$50 Action Demineralizing Treatment$18
Children (10 years and under)  (up to 15 foils)  Deep Conditioning Treatment$18
Hair Cut Styling Extra$20 Cap Highlights (short hair)$60   
Updos$30-$40 Add up to 10 foils with cut/color each$4 Extensions by Mary (20 pieces per bundle) 
French Braids$25    18-in. human hair per bundle$170
      22-in. human hair per bundle$210
      Allow one week for deliver. Deposit of half the total price due at time of order. Cash only for deposit. Balance due at time of appointment. Cash or charge are accepted for payment of balance. Please add $40 for cut and blending. Four bundles recommended. All deposits are final. No returns.




15 Minutes$41 Eyebrow$12
30 minutes$56 Chin$11
45 minutes$72 Lip$10
60 minutes$90 Underarms$25
   1/2 Legs$40
   Full Legs$65
   Brazilian Wax$50
   Half Arms$30
   Full Arms$40


Manicure Natural Nails    
Regular Manicure: Shape nails, soak hands, push cuticles, massage hands and polish $20 Spa Manicure: Shape nails, soak hands, push cuticles, scrub with natural sugar.  Exfoliate hands and arms, remove with warm towel , massage and polish $25
·       Two Week Manicure No Chip Polish $40 ·       Two Week Manicure No Chip Polish $45
 Dip Method $40   
No Chip & Dip Manicures last 2 weeks    
Express Manicure: Shape nails, massage and polish $12 Children Manicure (12 & Under):  Shape nails, massage and polish $12
Paraffin Wax Hands $8   
Regular Pedicure: Soak feet, shape nails, and push cuticles, clean calluses, massage feet, legs and polish $38 Spa Pedicure: Soak feet, shape nails, and push cuticles, clean calluses, massage feet, legs and polish.  Includes mask or paraffin wax $45
·       Two Week Pedicure No Chip Polish $48 ·       Two Week Pedicure No Chip Polish $55
Mini Pedicure: Soak feet, shape nails and polish $20  Polish Toes: Soak feet, shape nails and polish $14
Paraffin Wax Feet $10   
Artificial Nail Services    
Full Set Acrylic Pink and White $50  Full Set Gel $45
Full Set Acrylic $40  ·      No Chip Polish Fill-In $55
 ·       Two Week No Chip Polish $50  Fill-In Gel $33
 Fill-In $25  ·      No Chip Polish Fill-In $43
 ·      No Chip Polish Fill-In $35 Repair (Per Nail) $4
 Fill-In Acrylic Pink and White $35   ·      No Chip Polish (Per Nail) $7
 Repair (Per Nail) $4   
 ·       No Chip Polish (Per Nail) $7   
 Full Set Fiberglass or Silk Nail $60   
 ·      No Chip Polish $70   
 Fill-In $33   
 ·       No Chip Polish Fill-In $43   
 Repair (Per Nail) $6   
 ·      No Chip Polish (per nail) $10   


***Prices Subject to Change without Notice***